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Derangedkoreanmovieengsubdownload alarstro




Title : Deranged (2012). Description : Watch Free Drama. Kissasian, a beautiful young woman wakes up in a hotel with no memories. She is a stroke victim and she needs to be taken care of. Soon, she finds out that a weird old man has taken her into his home and he is keeping her there. She tries to find her way out and he tries to protect her. They soon find out that there is something going on with her. Add this Episode to Your Favorites. Summary : All of this is happening in a hotel room, a key is thrown in a drawer, a man and woman are arguing in the background, she is unable to talk, things are moving too fast, she is still confused about where she is. There are some weird noises and she hears someone talking to her in a foreign language. She is unable to speak. The stranger knows she is very sick and is trying to hide it from her. The stranger is not the patient, but is his friend. She tries to get away but the stranger is standing in her way and she can not move. She starts to lose it and cries a little. The stranger tries to comfort her. Soon, she is woken up again and she remembers that she is in a hospital. She finds out that she is a prisoner and she is drugged. She talks to a nurse and sees a man standing in a doorway. She is about to ask him where she is, but the nurse starts yelling and takes her to an operating room. Soon, she realizes that the stranger was not her captor at all, but her boyfriend. They have been in love for a long time. When he asked her to marry him, she told him she is ready to die before she does that. She was not ready to die, but she knows she is dying. She now remembers that it is her birthday. She meets her family and finds out what is going on. Soon, the hospital calls her father and tells him to come immediately. He doesn't answer. She doesn't know if he heard the phone or if he came. She goes in the room to see him. He is there and she asks him where she is. He tells her she is in a hospital. He is very upset that he cannot see her. She is scared. He shows her the picture of her on her birthday. She knows the stranger and tells him to call her dad to say goodbye to her. He does and it makes her very happy. But, it is not




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Derangedkoreanmovieengsubdownload alarstro

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